The Stuckeman Center for Design Computing (SCDC) is holding its Flash Symposium on September 23 and 24 in the Jury Space at the Stuckeman School.

The goal of this public annual event is to present and discuss research, education, and practice in the field of computational design focusing on a particular topic.

This year’s topic is virtual and augmented reality.

The symposium includes guest lectures, workshops, and exhibition of research developed at the center.
The guest speakers are:

Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games, Carnegie Mellon Professor,
and former Disney Imagineer has been working with
these technologies for 25 years. In this talk he will talk about
what VR and AR are good for, how they work,
and where they are likely to take us in the coming decade.

After the lecture, Jesse will have students experience some of his companies work.


Tomas Dorta is Professor at the School of Design of the University of Montreal, Lecturer at Concordia University and the Polytechnique Montreal, and Associate Professor at the Université de l’Ontario Français in Toronto. He is also Director of the Design Research Laboratory Hybridlab and is bringing to Penn State Hyve-3, a project he is the lead designer and which constitutes an innovative social virtual reality co-design system.

Social VR in Design – Virtual Reality (VR) has got 50 years old since the invention of the Head Mounted Display. But VR can be understood beyond these individual headsets and become Social. This talk will address the use of Social VR as design, research and pedagogical tool in architecture and design disciplines.


Andrew Hieronymi’s work focuses on the sensation of movement in digital games. He creates interactive installations emphasizing the kinesthetic learning experience involved during the act of playing. He has talked and exhibited internationally in art venues and media festivals and is an Associate Professor of New Media at the School of Visual Arts at Penn State University.

Developing AR with OpenFrameworks – workshop by Andrew Hieronymi
This workshop will give participants an opportunity to learn about designing augmented reality applications for their Apple iPhones. It will introduce them to openFrameworks, a an open source creative coding library written in C++ for visual artists and designers, and the ofxARKit addon. No programming experience is required but participants are encouraged to bring their macs to follow along.
Workshop length: about 2h.


The Penn States Center For Immersive Experiences will present what is available at the university and how we can get involved.


VR installations will be accessible to the public during the symposium and workshops aim to provide experience and entry steps into VR for the participants. The symposium is chaired by Rodney Allen Trice,  Professor of Practice in the the Graphic Design Program and Eric Mainzer, PhD Candidate in the Department of Architecture.










10:00am LECTURE – Jesse Schell (Disney & Schell Games)  How VR and AR are changing the world at Jury space
10:00am WORKSHOP – Tomas Dorta – (Director of Design  Research – Hybridlab) Social VR In Design Experience (All Day) (laptop required) at Penn State Center for Immersive Experiences

10:00am LECTURE – Tomas Dorta  – Social VR in design at Jury space
11:30am WORKSHOP – at Penn State Center for Immersive Experiences
2:00pm WORKSHOP – Andrew Hieronymi – Penn State School of  Visual Arts – Design an AR app for iPhone (laptop required) at Jury space

TLT (Penn State’s Teaching and learning with Technology) will be there both days 10am-5pm with a table on how you can access Penn State’s resources
in virtual and augmented reality as well as other technology options.